A thrilling twist on the Alexandre Dumas original. Tom Wood is now known across the country for his sensational adaptations… The Three Musketeers will definitely not disappoint.
Metro Magazine
One exciting, young, dynamic team and a story line to die for. I wouldn’t have missed this show for the world. It’s fun, bursts with life… the most swashbuckling show ever to grace a Citadel stage.
Edmonton Sun
Tom Wood's adaptation certainly remains true to Dumas, but he weaves his pixieish sense of humour throughout the rich tapestry of the production.
CBC Radio
A young Frenchman leaves his countryside home to join the illustrious Musketeers of Paris. There, he is swept into high adventure filled with seduction, sword- play and brotherhood. All for one and one for all! Alexandre Dumas’ story of 17th century France is one that has stood test of time for its excitement, romance and brotherhood, and this World Premiere of a new adaptation by Tom Wood continues that tradition in a bold, theatrical way.
Porthos - Ashley Wright
Cardinal Richelieu - Tom Wood
De Greville - James MacDonald
Mme. de Lanoy - Susan Gilmour
Mere D’Artagnan - Colleen Winton
Constance - Alana Hawley
Milady - Melissa McPherson
Queen Anne - Melissa Oei
Clouet, Betane - Lana Sugarman
Mme. Gaudet - Josee Boudreau
Mme. Gallard - Shannon Taylor
D’Artagnan - Eric Morin
King Louis - Adrian Proszowski
Lussac - Jonathan Purvis
Planchet - Jeremy Crittenden
Aramis - Justin Sproule
Rochefort - David Leyshon
Buckingham - David MacInnis
Athos - Kris Joseph

Featuring: Adam Cole, Matt Kloster, Alex Mackie, Elliott James, John Gunter, Sam Farberman, Cameron Healey, Garon Mulyk, Matt Simard, Kael Wynn


Directed by Bob Baker
Sets and Costumes by Leslie Frankish
Lighting by Michael Walton
Music by Allan Gilliland
All photos by David Cooper
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The THREE MUSKETEERS by Tom Wood is available from Amazon.ca and also Stageplays.com for e-readers.