Playwright Tom Wood beautifully balances Barrie's themes- being a child is frightening, but growing up is even more painful.
See Magazine
The audience burst into applause. But they did that time and time again. An astonishing, eye-filling spectacle. It is quite impossible to describe the exhilaration. The perfect mixture of uncomfortable truths, wide-eyed wonder and slightly melancholy sophistication.
Edmonton Sun
Thrilling…,fabulous, brilliant… Defy gravity, experience wonder. Dazzling, hilarious, lavishly imagined. It will break your heart. Feel free to experience wonder… that's what Peter Pan and this fine production is all about.
Edmonton Journal
"It's a sincerely magical reworking of a tale that's enchanted children of all ages for more than a century. Tom Wood, in eschewing the exceedingly proper Edwardian world of the Darlings and transplanting them in the Prairie Dust-bowl of the 1930's, has injected an earthly immediacy. The stakes for Wendy in this re-telling aren't the impending requirement to pin up her hair an act the lady; rather, the desperate conditions on the family farm may require her to leave home and get a job in the city. For her brothers, the Depression means the erosion of a beloved father's affection and the stamping out of dreams and imagination. Real life for these kids is a grim proposition- no wonder they embrace the chance to fly away from it all to Neverland. Once there, the kids experience both wonderment and danger while conquering their personal fears, However, Wood manages to keep an ominous ambiguity present in the events unfolding onstage. A- nothing is as it appears- tone, and the Darlings must hold fast to themselves in order to return home safely."
Eva Marie Clarke for SEE MAGAZINE
Captain Hook/Mr.Darling - John Ullyatt
Peter Pan - Aaron Stern
Wendy Darling - Maggie Blake
John Darling - John Aspen
Michael Darling - Mark McClintock
Gwen Darling/Mermaid - Kate Ryan
Lil/Princess Tiger Lily - Alexandr Ryan Wong
Smee - Wayde Lynch
Noodler - Jason Sermonia
Mullens - Frederick Zsryski
Todo - George Szilagyi
Bill Blood - Patrick Howarth
Starkey - Steve Jodoin
Skylights - Colton Maas
Tootles - Jonathan Lovett
Slightly - Braydon Dowler-Coltman
Nibs - Adam Kolacz
Twin 1 - Matthew Bodie
Twin 2 - Kane Nelson
Curly - Kieran Bohay
Boils - Jordan Dowler-Coltman
Squiffy - Callum Johnson
Featuring: Zachary Supina, Joel Buhire, Caley Thomas-Haug, Colby Carmichael, Luc Gauthier, Jenny Troock, Brent Potskin Jr., Anisha Chotalia, Kai Keewatin
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Directed by Bob Baker
Adapted by Tom Wood
Assistant Director- Geoffrey Brumlik
Leslie Frankish- Set&Costume Designer
Michael Becker- Composer&Sound Designer
Robert Thomson- Lighting Designer
Paul Gelineau- Fight Director
Tanya Lukin-Linklater- Choreographer
Ian Jackson- Video Designer